Weekly Photo Challenge: Love


Several years ago, my husband (then boyfriend) was visiting his grandparents at their beautiful cabin in the Virginia mountains. When he was skipping rocks, he found this perfectly heart-shaped stone. I was super impressed just in the fact that he could skip rocks, but when he brought this home, especially made for me, I was speechless. It seemed like something from the movies. My husband’s grandfather has a workshop at the cabin, where he put together the frame and mounted the rock. It was honestly the most thoughtful gift I’ve ever received. This, to me, symbolized love in all its glory.

It’s very fitting that it hangs in our kitchen above our pantry because my passion is cooking. I love creating healthy meals that we share. We started this journey of being vegetarian together and it’s affected us in such a positive way. Cooking vegetarian meals, and now vegan dishes, together makes our bond stronger. This heart-shaped stone that my husband brought to me in the beginning of our relationship represents not only our love for cooking healthy meals, but it is also an emblem of our strong love for one another.

This post is in response to the Weekly Photo Challenge.

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