Phoneography Challenge: My Neighborhood


This post is in response to the Phoneography Challenge: My Neighborhood, and I wanted to focus on one special place in particular. Dough Bakery is an amazing vegan restaurant in Atlanta that has awesome sandwiches and pastries – so good that I could go back week after week. Check out the pictures of their delicious all-vegan food:



If your mouth isn’t watering right now, you might want to go get your taste buds checked out. Dough Bakery not only has incredible food, but they also have a vegan book club that I recently joined. We’re reading non-fiction literature that focuses on vegan topics. The people are fantastic and the conversation is riveting.

Dough Bakery is on the same street I take for my daily commute, which in my opinion is probably one of the most interesting streets in Atlanta. Here are some pictures of the ‘hood that Dough Bakery is in – all taken on Dekalb Avenue:


Definitely do your stomach a favor and go check out Dough Bakery!

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