A Must Watch Documentary: Earthlings

I challenge you to tell me that you absolutely can’t live without your meat and cheese after watching this documentary. Narrated by Joaquin Phoenix, this movie explores every aspect of how humans treat our fellow earthlings. Words cannot describe how cruel and unjust people can be toward other creatures that walk this earth…so, I’ll just let this documentary do the talking…

6 thoughts on “A Must Watch Documentary: Earthlings

  1. Thanks. People wouldn’t know it, but I haven’t seen the whole thing yet. Every time I get my nerv up, I can’t find it. Now I know.. and have no more excuses.


    • I also haven’t been able to finish watching this yet. I started it one morning, but I kept having to avert my eyes. It was just so terrible. I’d never seen anything so horrific. Ultimately, watching what I did of the movie was part of the reason I became a vegetarian and now a vegan. Thank you for posting about the documentary. Maybe now I’ll finally have the courage to finish it.


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