Change the World for Animals through Our Hen House


Change is in the air. Lately, more often than not, I’ve been wondering how I can better the world around me. How I can make a tiny impact on this grand universe. How I can make myself a better person and help others. How I can talk to others intelligently to tell the stories of the voiceless. How I can communicate the strength of veganism and eating a plant-based diet.

Our Hen House

Our Hen House has led me down this powerful path of making an impact. This organization is leading a major movement of change for animals around the world. Jasmin and Mariann, the power couple behind the scenes, have provided a wealth of information through their multi-media hive. Their online magazine covers an extraordinary amount of topics for people interested in making a positive effect for our furry friends. Our Hen House offers free podcasts broadcasted from Jasmin and Mariann’s own living room, reviews on books and more, blog posts, articles, a breaking news ticker, and the list goes on and on.

When I first came across their website, I was enthralled and spent hours reading and exploring. I listened to their podcast (specifically episodes 162 and 165) and felt empowered that by joining their movement, I could really make a change. After leaving their website each day, my eyes are wide open to the real issues of the world and how I can help.

I recently became a member of their flock, which means I get exclusive material – and it’s only $10 a month. You seriously can’t beat it.

Check them out, get involved and make a change – all from the comfort of your own chair, if you’d like!


Image source for Our Hen House logo from Our Hen House website.

Image source for change road sign from BGSU Blog.

6 thoughts on “Change the World for Animals through Our Hen House

    • I’m so glad you found it helpful! Their website is awesome and they are really wonderful people too! I visit it all the time now or always read their emails I signed up for – such a good resource. If you check out their podcast, let me know which one you listen to and like!


  1. Your story inspired and motivated me my friend to continue doing what is good for others and mother nature. What an amazing community with a lot of heart. The world more than ever needs more of you and your organization.


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