Weekly Photo Challenge: Up

Celebration Statue in Downtown Decatur

Celebration Statue in Downtown Decatur

“Imagine a world without limits, without boundaries, without prejudice and blame. Imagine an existence full of self-confidence, self-esteem and not only tolerance but love for others regardless of color, socio-economic or any other standing. To me that is what the future holds. That is what children represent and that is the type of world I would like to help others imagine can come to pass.”

– Gary Price, sculptor and artist

With my camera lens always pointed down toward my vegan food, I liked this photo challenge because it forced me to look up at the beautiful trees and sky. This past weekend was gorgeous in Atlanta, so my husband and I got outside and walked around Downtown Decatur. We got a cup of Joe at Java Monkey and enjoyed the sunshine and beauty around us! After walking around a little bit, we stopped and sat under the statue that’s pictured above. We speculated the meaning of this piece and later found the quote from the sculptor. It’s such a beautiful work of art and contains such a powerful message with the artist’s words inscribed on it. Who would have thought that by just looking up, I would find so much peace and hope surrounding me.

Tree in Downtown Decatur

This post is in response to the Weekly Photo Challenge: Up. In case you were wondering what song was in my head this whole week with this photo challenge on my mind, it was Kid Cudi’s “Up, Up and Away”.

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