Rawesome Juicery

Lunch and Juice from Rawesome Juicery Rawesome Juicery in Sweet Auburn MarketWorking in downtown Atlanta has its perks with one being the proximity to the Sweet Auburn Market. Recently, a restaurant opened up in the marketplace called Rawesome Juicery. I’ll kill the suspense and tell you right away that it lives up to its name. It’s rawesome awesome.

I got the Rawesome Remix salad with no cheese and lemon pepper dressing. It was light and fresh tasting, yet very filling. To wash it all down, I got the Nurse Jackie juice that had beets, celery, carrots, spinach, cucumber and lemon in it. The juice was perfect – not too sweet but not too bitter.

I love how the owner, who was also working behind the counter when I went in, states the power of juicing on her website:

The answers lie within…nourishment should come in the form of organic based foods, not processed foods. When we allow processed foods into our body, it makes the digestion process more complicated. Our system has to break down substances that are unfamiliar, into familiar forms, in order to properly absorb it.

When we consume whole foods our system immediately recognizes it as familiar and can utilize its nutrients immediately.

This is the number one reason why everyone should juice! It allows the system to rest and catch up on other issues in the body that need repair. Fresh pressed juice is absorbed within minutes, giving your system a reboost of vital vitamins and minerals.

Finally, I thought, someone gets it. Someone is willing to be bold and open a store like this in downtown Atlanta. I’m thrilled to have discovered this place and hopeful this will start a trend with the Atlanta food scene.

Update: The pita served with the salad is vegan. The owner was very gracious in checking this out for me and emailing me the ingredients of the pita.

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