Blossom Tree


Vegan Food from Blossom Tree

It is so nice to walk up to a counter to order food and tell them that you’re vegan and they point out everything on the menu that you can eat. Blossom Tree on Peachtree Street (across from Woodruff Park) offers this vegan-friendly attitude.

Blossom Tree is all the rage among downtown workers and students. The line keeps getting longer and the tables are more full every time I go in there. I’ve been to several Korean taco joints (they are popping up all over Atlanta, it seems like) and this one is hands-down the best one. Their ingredients are fresh, their sauces are spicy and their sweet potatoes are to die for! And, it’s awesome to have friendly servers that are willing to talk to you and help you out with your dietary needs.

Pictured above is their tofu taco plate, which includes 3 tofu tacos, Korean salad and sweet potatoes. I got all of this for $7.50. You seriously can’t beat the quality of their food and the prices!

I went with my friend and ate outside at Woodruff Park. The fountain was flowing, the sun was shining and my belly was thanking me for the amazing food.

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