Book Club: Defiant Daughters


Every month I get so excited about going to my vegan book club. Not only because we meet at Dough Bakery (I wrote about their awesomeness in this post), but because I also get to talk to my fellow vegan book club members about topics that have struck a chord with me recently. These vegan book junkies are strong and passionate individuals who have helped me in so many ways with my vegan journey. By meeting with them to talk about the book of the month, I’ve learned a wealth of information about the meat industry, corporate greed, global issues and how downright inhumane people can treat animals (information that would make anyone cringe).

“There is something on the other side of this culture of oppression – and that something is better, better for us, better for the environment, better for our relationships, better for the animals.”
– Carol Adams


Last month we read Defiant Daughters, which is a compilation of 21 women’s stories about feminism and veganism and how they’re interrelated. I felt empowered after reading this book. I wondered, “how can I be like these incredible authors and have a stronger voice in the vegan community?” Being a newly vegan, I’ve never read Carol Adams’ revolutionary book “The Sexual Politics of Meat,” which sets the stage for these feminists’ memoirs (I have added it to my wish list on Amazon, though – wink, wink).

Defiant Daughters created an emotional roller coaster for me; some entries moved me to tears while others made me want to punch something or someone, and some made me say “you go, girl!” I applaud these 21 women for speaking up about the patriarchal issues they’ve encountered and for talking about their personal stories. I learned a great deal about what it means to be vegan through other people’s eyes.

Everyone has their own path, their own direction, but this book helped me realize that many of us have similar journeys. The authors did a wonderful job with painting a picture of their unique experiences as vegans in a patriarchal society, yet helped me understand that many of our lives have parallel centers and we’re not in it alone.

“If there is one thing (and in truth there are many) that The Sexual Politics of Meat has taught me, it’s that in and of themselves, books may not be able to change troubling realities. But they can provide us with road maps that make some of the connections we’re missing, and in that way, they can help us to get where we’re going.”
– Laura Wright

All 21 stories were captivating and beautifully written. Defiant Daughters opened my eyes to feminist issues and opened my heart to learn more about how I can become an agent of change in the vegan community.

“Before we can change the world for animals, we must have a vision, a feeling, an understanding, at least an inkling, that something big is awry and that the only thing that will put a stop to it is something equally big. Carol Adams epitomizes that line of thinking.”
– Jasmin Singer

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