A Birthday Wish

Birthday_Cake_Owls_2.217180901_largeI’m heading into my last year of my twenties on Thursday and I’m changing things up a bit this year with my birthday wish. When I blow out the candles, I won’t be hoping for something arbitrary like world peace, or wishing for a selfish purpose. My wish this year is for others to support my favorite animal rights organizations.

To get this giving party started, I donated to several groups. I’m already a monthly supporter to Our Hen House and Mercy for Animals, and gave gifts this week to Georgia Animal Rights & Protection, PETA and Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary. These five organizations are making drastic changes everyday for the animals around the world.

I give to Our Hen House because of their weekly podcasts that explore vegan topics, as well as their fabulous articles on animal welfare. I wrote a blog post about them here. I can’t say it enough – they are an amazing organization. But don’t take my word for it, go check out their site and see for yourself.

I give to Mercy for Animals because of their fight to protect the animals at all costs. They have exposed the animal cruelty in slaughterhouses by sending undercover investigators on site; they bring justice for the animals. They offer a vegan starter kit and they have a wealth of information on their website.

I give to Georgia Animal Rights & Protection (GARP) because of their work with educating the Atlanta public about animal rights and informing local organizations on how veganism is a compassionate lifestyle. They partner with groups like PETA and they show Mercy for Animals’ “Farm to Fridge” video at events to teach the masses about veganism.

I give to PETA because they take radical actions to stop animal cruelty. Their outreach efforts make a positive impact around the world. They also make it easy to be an advocate yourself, which is a really handy tool to have when you first start getting involved in animal rights.

I give to Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary because, as their mission statement says, they provide “hands-on work of rescuing, rehabilitating and caring for farmed animal refugees — as well as educating the public about the horrific treatment of animals who are raised for food.” I hope I can visit their farm one day, but for now, I donate to help their cause.

Think about how a small gift can make a large impact. Think about the lives you’d be saving by giving to one of these organizations. Think about helping others this year by donating.

This is my birthday wish, and I hope you can join me in making it come true.

2 thoughts on “A Birthday Wish

  1. I’ll remember to put some more pet food in the donation box for the homeless animals next time I go to the supermarket. Well done on all your good work 🙂


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