Loving Hut

Last month, my parents took my husband and me to Loving Hut, an all-vegan restaurant in Norcross, Georgia. Loving Hut isn’t only local to the Atlanta area; it’s actually the fastest growing International vegan fast food chain in the world. They have a little bit of every type of cuisine that satisfies the palate of both omnivores and herbivores alike. We sampled a smorgasbord of food and it was all incredible! I decided to put together a photo food journal for this post and just show the pictures instead of trying to describe all of the delicious food we enjoyed.


Rainbow Salad


Mung Dahl and Ocean Salad


Wonton Soup


Eggplant Tofu


Chow Mein


Spring Vegetable Medley


Coconut Cake

Please note: my blogging buddy, Celeste from Honk if You’re Vegan, told me that all Loving Hut restaurants are different and not only have different menu items, but also various standards of quality. Please don’t fault me if your local Loving Hut isn’t as good as my experience was at the Atlanta location.

7 thoughts on “Loving Hut

  1. I was just thinking the same thing- Man I wish they would put one near me ( in Western North Carolina)! It looks like you had a great dinner! that coconut cake is beautiful!


  2. Love the coconut cake – so pretty! I’ve been to two Loving Hut restaurants. One was fab and the other one not-so-much. What I learned after going to the second Loving Hut location is that all Loving Hut restaurants are unique. The individual owners choose what foods to put on their menus, so you won’t find exactly the same dishes (or, as I discovered, quality) at each restaurant. For example, you won’t find that pretty coconut cake at either of the Loving Hut’s that I’ve been to. I’ve mostly heard great things about Loving Huts that I haven’t been to, so do check out a Loving Hut if you find one. Just thought I’d warn you incase the particular one you go to ends up being like the one I went to in Huntington Beach. Great post and fab photos, by the way! Celeste πŸ™‚


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