R. Thomas’ Deluxe Grill

R. ThomasBefore entering into the best restaurant in Atlanta, I always get the chance to enjoy some of nature’s wonders right in the middle of the city: birds squawking, herbs smelling great, and flowers in full bloom. R. Thomas is a treasure in Atlanta and if you haven’t been yet, add it to your bucket list to visit. Although R. Thomas isn’t completely vegetarian, they have plenty of vegetarian and vegan options. All of the servers are aware of what being vegan entails and can point out all of the items on the menu that are edible for plant-based folks. The customer service is top-notch and the food is something I have started to crave: my guilty fix, if I can even call it that considering the food is organic, fresh and prepared in a healthy fashion. My husband and I frequent R. Thomas at least once every two weeks (and lately once a week!), and it never gets old.

Walkway up to R. Thomas

Path Leading to R. Thomas

I mostly always start with a hot Yerba Mate to drink, the Cinnamon Girl being my go-to beverage. Blue Moon, not the beer but the tea, is my hubby’s favorite.

Yerba Mate at R. Thomas

Blue Moon Yerba Mate

We’ve had most all of their appetizers and they’re all amazing. Here are some that we’ve gotten over the course of the last few visits.

My favorite item on the menu is the Sloppy Veggie Joe which is served with sweet potatoes and a cabbage slaw. Mmm, mmm…

Veggie Sloppy Joe at R. Thomas

Sloppy Veggie Joe

Another favorite of mine and my husband’s is the Thai Express Bowl. Its peanut-buttery goodness can be tasted with each bite. It’s packed with nutritious veggies and tempeh, and served over quinoa.

Thai Express Bowl

Thai Express Bowl

I recently tried the Curry Basil Wrap with no chicken or honey glaze and added tofu. It was a good change-up to the usual.

Curry Basil Wrap

Curry Basil Wrap

And if I have room in my stomach, R. Thomas has a daily vegan dessert special. Even if I don’t have another inch to spare for more food and they’re serving coconut cake, I will eat it without reservation. It’s the bomb-diggity. Yes, I just said that, and yes I love it that much! The carrot cake and German chocolate cake are both out of this world, as well. There is always plenty to share, too!

Whenever we leave, we always say bye to the birds – and they talk back to you most of the time. Here’s a video of one bird rocking out one of the last times I visited R. Thomas.

There is no way I could possibly capture the magical atmosphere of disco lights, talkative birds and off-the-chart food, but I hope I persuaded you to get in the car and go experience it for yourself! R. Thomas is open 24/7, so go enjoy whenever you fancy!

5 thoughts on “R. Thomas’ Deluxe Grill

  1. Yes!! I actually FINALLY gave R.Thomas a visit last month. I really have no excuse since it is about a block away from where I work, hehe. I too had the Thai Express Bowl and it was delicious! Thank you for the reminder, I have a review to make soon! :]



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