Dali in Decatur: Dog Park and Raging Burrito


Dali had a big outing in Decatur this past weekend that was full of adventures at the dog park, walking around downtown Decatur and eating lunch at Raging Burrito.

My husband and I stumbled across this dog park when we were running a few weeks ago, and we finally had an opportunity to take Dali there. It is such a beautiful park where the space is enormous for the dogs to run around and play. There is also plenty of water provided and doggie bags to clean up after your dog. It was definitely an amazing find and we’ll be going back there soon!


After Dali was tuckered out from playing and running around with her new friends, we went to grab a bite to eat at Raging Burrito. Located in the Decatur Square, Raging Burrito is the place to go for good food, good service and just an overall good time. When the weather is as beautiful as it was this past weekend, you can enjoy your meal on their spacious outdoor patio (and we just found out that they allow dogs out there!). This was Dali’s first time eating lunch with us at a public place – and she did so well! She was a hit and everyone wanted to meet her.


Not only is Raging Burrito dog-friendly, but they also have amazing customer service and incredible food. Our servers have always been really nice to us and they’re very mindful of what is vegan. Even if they don’t know, they won’t hesitate to run to the kitchen and ask the chef. There is a plethora of vegan options here so Kevin and I had a hard time deciding. Our super-friendly server helped us out with our choices and he even brought me a whole ramekin of peanut sauce to see if I liked it – and I loved it. So much in fact that we were dipping chips in this sauce!

I got the Thai Salad with tofu and added mushrooms and black beans.


Kevin got the Jamaican Jerk Burrito with tofu and refried black beans in a spinach tortilla. He added mushrooms and asked them to hold the sour cream and cheese.


You seriously can’t beat the quality of the food and the service. Dali and I were so doggone tired that we were laid out on the couch for the rest of the afternoon. I think she was reliving her time at the dog park in this video of her sleeping.

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