Meatless Monday with Leftovers


Acorn Squash Stuffed with Chili Leftovers

I always love when I can take leftovers and re-purpose them for another dish. I was looking in the fridge and pantry, trying to figure out what ingredients to use to stuff the acorn squash when my husband suggested we use the chili leftovers. I’ll be honest, I was skeptical because I didn’t see the two going together, but I was willing to give it a try.

After the chili taste test, I found out that acorn squash can be paired with pretty much anything and still taste wonderful. This particular pairing was really good because it was sweet (from the squash) and savory (from the chili). I take the easy way out when cooking the squash, so it’s a satisfying meal that’s super quick to make.

All you do is cut the acorn squash in half, cover each half with plastic wrap and place the halves on a plate with the plastic wrap facing up. Put the plate in the microwave on high for 6 minutes or until the outer edges are soft. Then, just fill the squash with the chili – or whatever strikes your fancy! We topped the squash with nutritional yeast and Tofutti sour cream. To complete the meal, we had a sweet potato with a little bit of vegan butter and cinnamon on the side. It was a surprisingly wonderful meal that was ready to eat within 20 minutes!

I’m working on another recipe with acorn squash that is filled with a type of quinoa mixture, but I haven’t quite perfected it yet, so stay tuned for that one. Hope everyone is having a Happy Meatless Monday!

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