Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!

Halloween is such a fun holiday, not only for the candy and the costumes, but also for the decorations. I love running this time of year because I get to see all of the houses decorated with their finest pumpkins, ghosts and cobwebs. Also, you can’t beat this weather – Atlanta is in the perfect running temps right now! Here is a spooky house that I saw on my Halloween run last year:

Halloween Run 2013

Halloween Run 2013

I also crossed over a pretty desolate railroad track during that run that was kind of eery:

Eery railroad track on my Halloween run in 2013

Eery railroad track on my Halloween run in 2013

Enough already about running and on to the candy!

Candy corn is one of my favorite Halloween treats, so I was slightly disappointed when I read that most brands are not vegan. They either contain gelatin or egg whites. So, I went on a quick Google search to find some vegan options. This one looked the best to me that seems healthy (as healthy as candy can get) and vegan.

Healthy Candy Corn!

Photo courtesy of Chocolate Covered Katie

VegNews also just put out a comprehensive list of all vegan candy offered nationwide. Unfortunately we live on a block that doesn’t get trick-or-treaters because of the high-traffic and no sidewalks, but this list will still be helpful when I have a craving for something sweet.

We also won’t be getting dressed up like last year, but maybe we’ll try and get Dali and Scotch back in their costumes…this isn’t considered animal cruelty, is it? 😉

What’s everyone doing for Halloween?

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