Puppies and Rainbows

I realize that my last post on bacon destroying the planet was a little harsh. In my response to one of the comments asking when will people make the connection, I said:

It will take some time for people to make the connection – I know it did for me. I had to binge on documentaries on Netflix to understand how bad things really were with the animals and environment. So, I think it’s all about helping them make that connection by telling them about documentaries or books or articles they can read online. I’m usually not this hostile and don’t have a negative tone like I did in this post, but I felt outraged and really need[ed] to let my frustration out through blogging last night. But, I do feel like we need to be good ambassadors for the animals and the planet so others will be more receptive to the notion of changing their ways. Yelling or preaching won’t get us that far…so this post probably won’t change anyone’s viewpoint, but it at least let me blow off some steam :)

So, to clear the air, how about I share some adorable pictures of Dali?

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