Putting a New Vegan Twist on Thanksgiving

Adoption Certificate of Tulip

My husband and I decided to adopt a turkey through Farm Sanctuary for our first vegan Thanksgiving. We have eaten a meatless meal for Thanksgiving for the past 4 years now, however this is the first one where we’ll be completely cruelty-free with no eggs, dairy or any animal by-products. I found out about Farm Sanctuary’s “Adopt a Turkey” program through one of their emails that pulled at the heart strings (I mean, which of their emails don’t make you melt for the animals?!).

“More than 46 million turkeys are killed for Thanksgiving each year in the United States, but at Farm Sanctuary we encourage people to change the way they think about the food they eat by getting to know farm animals as the unique individuals they are. By sponsoring a turkey this year instead of eating one, you can introduce your family and friends to a very special animal whose life was changed by compassionate living.”

After we adopted Tulip, we received a thank you note from Gene Baur, Farm Sanctuary President and Co-founder. Gene explained:

“…[Y]our participation in our Adopt a Turkey Project supports our efforts to raise awareness about the plight of turkeys suffering on factory farms. This gift not only helps us care for your adopted turkey, who lives peacefully at Farm Sanctuary, but also strengthens our public education programs and continue our nationwide advocacy efforts to protect all farm animals from cruelty.”

Not only did we save a turkey from becoming someone’s Thanksgiving dinner, but we also received a one-year Farm Sanctuary membership and subscription to their quarterly newsletter. The membership allows us year-round access to all three of their shelters, which I’m excited about because I want to go to the LA location when I visit my sister next year. Can you believe that you can save a life and receive all of that for only $30?! The membership and the newsletter subscription were honestly a huge bonus for me. I must have not read the email that well because I didn’t even know I would receive that extra stuff until after I donated.

Even though I did it for so many years, eating turkey for dinner on Thanksgiving is such an unpleasant way to spend a day of giving thanks. Now that there are products like Tofurky and endless recipes for vegan side dishes, it seems counter-intuitive to me that we massacre these poor animals to show that we’re thankful. Mercy for Animals stated in a recent article:

“Mercy For Animals has conducted two undercover investigations into Butterball, the nation’s number one turkey producer. The horrific animal abuse captured on MFA’s hidden camera resulted in felony and misdemeanor animal cruelty charges against five Butterball employees by state authorities.”

If you’d like to join us in a compassionate Thanksgiving, consider adopting a turkey or trying out some of Farm Sanctuary’s alternative meals.

5 thoughts on “Putting a New Vegan Twist on Thanksgiving

  1. Thanks for the info. I adopted a Turkey today. I plan on going to Native Foods Cafe in Denver and ordering their seitan wellington for Thanksgiving. Keep up the good work. Shelli in Denver


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