No more wannabes here…I’m completely running on vegan!


When I had first become vegan earlier this year, I started blogging under the name “The Vegan Wannabe.” I chose that name because I was mainly writing about my trial with the vegan lifestyle, and honestly wasn’t quite sure if it would stick. Soon after I started my blog, I wasn’t a “wannabe” anymore, so I recently changed my blog name to “Running on Vegan.” And I’ve redesigned my blog to match my new name.

One of my favorite vegan blogs to read is “Honk If You’re Vegan,” which is written by Celeste DiMilla. I love the header of Celeste’s blog, so I got in touch with her and asked her to point me in the right direction. She connected me with Natasha Basacchi, an amazing designer who I’m so thankful to have met. Natasha was responsive, creative and professional. I gave her my idea and she went with it, and I couldn’t be happier. Thanks, Natasha!


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