Like a (Vegan) Boss

I started my day with a flat tire, which led me to spending several hours in the car dealership’s waiting room. While passing time, reading the Woodstock Farm Sanctuary newsletter (which had great stories, by the way), the TV in the background caught my attention.

It was set on The Doctors, which honestly is the kind of TV programming that I really dislike – Hollywood doctors who broadcast their opinions as facts to the general public is not really my cup of tea. But, anyway, they got me listening when they said that someone named Vegan Boss was going to appear. I couldn’t believe my ears. A vegan?! On mainstream TV?!

Vegan Boss is a rapper who sings about, well, being vegan. I had never heard of him before, but I applaud him for the work that he’s doing. Getting the message out to omnivores about the vegan lifestyle via daytime TV takes guts. It’s a unique way to be an animal rights activist and spread the word about living compassionately. His website sums it up by saying:

“‘You see, when we’re out here protesting, only people walking or driving by the protested area become aware. Music has the ability to reach millions, even billions, of people in an instant,’ says VEGAN BOSS on his method of protest. He not only raises awareness about animal cruelty, but also helps people adopt a healthier way of living, erase the stereotype that all vegans are hippies, and bring LOVE back into the hearts of mankind.”

You can see his appearance on The Doctors here. Unfortunately the doctors (like many medical professionals) didn’t seem to appreciate the vegan lifestyle, but nonetheless, it was awesome seeing a vegan on a TV screen in the waiting room of a car dealership promoting a humane and loving way of life.

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