Meatless Mondays: A Compassionate Choice

Faux Meat at Drink Art in Atlanta

“Chicken” Satay at Drink Art in Atlanta

A high school in New York has gained some attention because of their participation in Meatless Mondays. Watch how the students react to the meat-free meals in this video. Beyond Meat is a vegetarian alternative that is being served in this school’s cafeteria on Mondays, and it’s getting national press, too. Gene Baur, President and Co-Founder of Farm Sanctuary was recently interviewed by Time and he mentions Beyond Meat as a great cruel-free food.

I haven’t tried Beyond Meat yet, but there are so many incredible substitutes now that it’s easy to make one day out of the week completely vegetarian. Awhile ago I put together a 7-day meal plan, which has several recipe ideas for Meatless Mondays. In that post, I also link up to other resources that were extremely helpful when I first stopped eating meat.

Meatless Mondays is not only great for your health, but it’s also a compassionate choice for the animals and the environment. When you take the Meatout Pledge and stop eating meat on Mondays, then you will help prevent 417,000 animals from being killed, 193 million square feet of forest from being destroyed, and 500,000 doses of anitbiotics from being misused on farms. So choose peace, love and compassion, and participate in Meatless Mondays.

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