I’m Sorry

On our road trip, Kevin and I saw four cattle cars carrying cows to the slaughterhouse. Although words will never be able to describe how I felt witnessing this, with an extremely heavy heart, I decided to write about it.


The sadness and fear in your eyes reflect back into mine. Through the slots in the enclosed steel trap, your eyelashes bat at me.

I’m sorry.

You don’t deserve an inkling of this unnecessary pain and suffering. Your innocence wraps around my heart and causes it to sink to my stomach. Your big beautiful eyes will forever be ingrained in my mind.


Our paths cross again. This time, I hear you deeply bellow from the caged prison. I want to set you free, spare you from your unmerciful death.

I’m sorry.

I’ll never forget your soulful eyes or your cries for freedom. I’ll never stop fighting for you.

8 thoughts on “I’m Sorry

  1. Beautifully written from the heart. This made me tear up. It is hard to see animals in distress that we cannot personally save. I’d like to think that they are aware of our compassion towards them and are grateful for the animals that we do save everyday.

    Don’t let this bring you down too much. You are doing the best you can with the tools you have. You are a beautiful soul and the animals know it.


  2. This happened to us yesterday. We were on the way to Ruby Ranch Pig-Rescue Farm and we saw one of these horrid trucks with pigs in it. As usual, I wept. We can take comfort in knowing that we do not in any way contribute to this heinous activity, and that we continue to share and bring awareness to anyone we know. That’s the best we can do. I feel your pain.


  3. Seeing those trucks crammed with beautiful sentient beings filled with fear is so heart wrenching. Toronto Pig Save and others in the “save” movement regularly bear witness at slaughterhouses. The work they are doing is so important. Sharing your story in this way is equally as important. It reminds us all of why we choose to be vegan, to be compassionate, to be peaceful. It profoundly illustrates that the choices we make every single day have the power to heal or destroy. It shows others there is a better way. Thank you for posting this.


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