On the Road Again

“On the road again, just can’t wait to get on the road again…”

We’ve been having a lot of fun on this road trip, but we’re super excited to get to Colorado Springs today! Yesterday, we went from Nashville to Kansas City, and we made pretty good time.

Dali sleeping in car

Dali sleeping in car

While stopping at a rest area in Illinois for a quick lunch, we had wraps from Sevananda that we picked up before we left Atlanta. They were really good! Scotch seemed to enjoy looking at the birds and Dali seemed happy to just stretch her legs.

Unfortunately, we saw cattle cars on this trip, which I wrote about here. It was harrowing and heartbreaking, and something I’ll never forget. It just reinforced why I believe in veganism and animal rights. I’ll never stop fighting for the animals.

Once we got to the hotel, which we also found through Official Pet Hotels, we dug into the food that we picked up from Cafe Gratitude. Wow, everything we had was delicious! The vegan food that we’ve found on the road has been incredible (thanks, Happy Cow!!!).

Colorado Springs or bust!!!!

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