Concluding our Grand Journey to Colorado Springs

Last week we finished our cross-country road trip and finally landed in Colorado Springs – our new home sweet home. Within a week, we’ve done quite a bit: we’ve tried several awesome restaurants that have great vegan options; hiked the Red Rocks and Garden of the Gods; took Dali to the Mecca of all dog parks (Bear Creek); spent a day in Denver with the fabulous JL Fields from JL Goes Vegan; and celebrated my 30th birthday with JL and her hubby. Here are some pictures from these fun activities…

I’m thoroughly enjoying the Springs so far. You really can’t beat the mountain air and the scenic views. And the people here are SO nice – even the DMV workers were super helpful! I’m really excited to get more involved in the vegan/vegetarian community here, as well as help out with the animal rights group.

I finally have internet in my new house and I’m planning to continue to post all about our adventures in Colorado. If you’d like to see my photos in (semi) real time, you can follow me on Instagram.

If you’ve ever visited Colorado or live(d) here, what’s your favorite thing to do? We’d love to keep exploring and appreciate any (vegan-friendly) suggestions!

6 thoughts on “Concluding our Grand Journey to Colorado Springs

  1. I grew up in the Springs and only moved away a few months ago so I really miss it! You’re going to have the best time — it’s so gorgeous and perfect for outdoor activities.

    One of my favorite vegan places is Native Foods in Denver and Boulder. They have locations in other states but they have incredible food, always have some new menu items and non-vegans love it too. Their sweet potato fries are my favorite!


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