Happy Holidays!

IMG_2803To kick off the holiday season this year, I attended the Colorado Springs Vegan and Vegetarian Group’s holiday cookie swap. It was tons of fun and I got to sample so many delicious cookies!


I made my pumpkin spiced cookies, which I wrote about this time last year in this post (I included the recipe in that post, too!).


I also went to the Colorado Springs Vegan and Vegetarian Group’s vegan pop-up market this past weekend. The pop-up market was a blast! I tried tons of vegan food samples, watched my friend JL Fields from JL Goes Vegan do a food demo on how to make a delicious dish using soy curls, and got to mingle with some super awesome people that I’ve met over the past several months since moving to Colorado. There were also different vegan vendors selling cosmetics, groceries, clothing and accessories – and there was live music!


I made JL’s soy curl recipe the next day and topped it over a salad. Doesn’t it look like chicken?! It’s not! I love that this dish has so much flavor minus all the cruelty that is typically involved when eating meat.


So, that’s been the beginning of my holiday season. How’s everyone else getting in the holiday spirit?

I couldn’t resist throwing in some cute holiday pictures of our little furry family.

Happy Holidays!!

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