Running the Distance with Women’s Fit Team

Last year I was running on one of the local trails and I started chatting with a couple of women who I came to find out were running 20 miles that day! We were talking about the race they were training for and they were telling me about the group they were running with that day – Boulder Running Company’s Women’s Fit Team. Unfortunately their season was ending at that time but they got me in touch with the team’s coordinator and now I’m running with the team for their spring season!

BRC Women's Fit Group First Run

BRC Women’s Fit Group First Run (Photo credit: BRC Fit Team)

The team is made up of about 100 women and each week we meet and run the local trails together. We’ve only met twice and I’m having a blast! The women on the team comprise of all ages and all fitness levels. I found someone who goes my pace and we talked the entire 6 miles today! Not only do we meet weekly, but the group offers clinics and social activities, and the coordinator sends out weekly emails about the best way to train and prevent injuries. The women in the group train for all sorts of races throughout the season, but the main one they do as a group is the Garden of the Gods Ten Mile Run.

Post-Run Photo Op

Post-Run Photo Op (Photo credit: BRC Fit Team)

I haven’t run with a group since I trained for my first half marathon with Team in Training. Team in Training offered so much in terms of coaching, training tips and the comradery. I’m excited to be a part of a run group again! My Team in Training coach actually got my hooked on what he called The Elvis, which is an English muffin with peanut butter and sliced bananas. I eat it before hitting the pavement on the weekends – it keeps me going throughout the run and it’s easy on the stomach.

The Elvis

The Elvis

It’s definitely nice that it’s warming up here in Colorado because the snow was pretty at first but now it’s time for it to go away! I prefer running in slightly warmer temps, so I’m gladly welcoming the sunshine and the nice weather. Here’s a picture of me and our dog, Dali, hiking a few weeks ago – it’s amazing how drastic the weather will change here in such a short amount of time!

Me and Dali Hiking Bear Creek

Me and Dali Hiking Bear Creek

As much as I dislike the time change because I’m not a morning person, I’ve been able to run after work with the hubby while the sun is still up and enjoy the sun rise on my way to work. Hope everyone enjoys their weekend!

Sunrise on the way to work

Sunrise on the way to work

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