Pinch Me

Santa Fe Trail Run 2 4.18.15

You know it’s early when you’re out running and the rooster crows. I’m never willingly up that early, however being a part of a run group has forced me to step outside of my comfort zone and wake up at the crack of dawn to join the other runners.

During this run with the Boulder Running Company’s Women’s FIT Team yesterday, I had one of those “pinch me” moments. I sometimes find myself in disbelief that I live in Colorado, a place that is so gorgeous and holds tremendous beauty. I ran the 7 mile trail by myself because my running buddy was out sick, so I was alone with my thoughts. The women on the team run different distances and various paces, so the trail was mostly quiet throughout the entire one-hour run. Nature was in full force on this cold morning and I found myself in awe observing Mother Earth in all her splendor – how timely for Earth Day!

I tried to capture yesterday’s run through words and some photos, but I feel like it doesn’t do it justice. Here it goes, anyway…

Santa Fe Trail Run 4.18.15

The sun splashes through the tips of the bare branches on the trees in the forest and the rays burst past the bird cawing to someone, anyone who is listening. The creek babbles alongside me as my feet strike the dirt path. The frost shines from the blades of grass, glistening out toward the sky. The train roars past me as the planes from the Air Force Academy soar overhead. The geese honk and fly one by one away from the snowy bank. The majestic mountains with snow capped peaks stand there in all their glory. Pinch me, I can barely believe a magical place like this exists.

Santa Fe Trail Run 3 4.18.15

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