Celebrating Mother’s Day in a Compassionate Way

An old Mother's Day card I made for my mom

An old Mother’s Day card I made for my mom

One of the downfalls of moving so far away from home is that I don’t get to celebrate special occasions like Mother’s Day with my mom. This is where my mom would say in her thick New York accent, “Move back home, it’s OK. I’ll cook you a nice meal.” By the way, have you seen the “S$&! Italian Moms Say” videos? That’s my mom in a nutshell – too funny!

When I first started this blog a couple of years ago, I shared the vegan meal my sister and I made for my mom in this post. I had such a great time being with my family and mom that day. Since then, my mom has incorporated more and more vegetarian meals in her diet, and I couldn’t be more proud of her for following a more compassionate lifestyle.

From left to right: my sister Liz, me and my mom

From left to right: my sister Liz, me and my mom celebrating Mother’s Day last year

My mom and I have had countless conversations over the past few years about my vegan journey and she’s been extremely supportive. I know this sounds strange, but I honestly believe that I wouldn’t be vegan today without my mom. She has instilled positive values in me from a young age, and she gave me the confidence I needed to go out on my own and be independent. I believe how she raised me along with her enduring support has led me to living the vegan way. Being vegan means going against society and their belief system of our food, which isn’t easy – but my mom has made it a little less stressful for me.

Me and my mom at Garden of the Gods

Me and my mom at Garden of the Gods

When I first went vegan, my mom had a large group over at my parents’ house for my sister’s engagement party. I’ll never forget my mom announcing to the entire party that her daughter was vegan with a big smile. Although I was completely mortified at the time and laughed it off, I now look back at that moment realizing how proud she was of me.

I’m so grateful to have my mom in my life, and I want so badly for farm animals to have that same opportunity. By donating to a farm sanctuary or vegan group, or by eating more meatless meals like my mom, we’re giving those babies a chance to be with their mothers.

I recently got an email from Farm Sanctuary talking about sponsoring one of the mothers on their farm. I wound up adopting a sweet pig named Julia who “was lucky enough to give birth to her 16 premature piglets at Farm Sanctuary’s New York Shelter just hours after being rescued.” Isn’t she cute?!

Julia and family

Julia and family

Whether you’re a mother of a human animal or a companion non-human animal, I hope you have a wonderful Mother’s Day and are able to celebrate in a compassionate way!

2 thoughts on “Celebrating Mother’s Day in a Compassionate Way

  1. This is such a lovely post! My mum arrived from Australia this morning in time for “our” Mother’s Day (it’s not Mother’s Day here in the UK). It’s the first one we have spent together in six years, so was a very special day! 🙂

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