Photo Journal: Activist Update

I’ve been quiet on this blog for the past couple of months, but if you follow me on Instagram or any of the other social media outlets (or we’re friends in real life), you know I’ve been anything but silent. I’ve been speaking up for the animals in many different ways, and I thought it’d be fun to show you what I’ve been up to through pictures. So, here’s my photo journal from the past few months that details my animal rights activism.

Tabling for the Vegan Society at HerbFest

I helped table for the Vegan Society at a local event called HerbFest. We passed out pro-veg literature and free vegan food samples – and drummed up a lot of great conversations with HerbFest attendees about how to transition to eating less meat.

Protesting the Ringling Circus

I never thought I’d be one to protest, but I now work up the courage to do it to help create awareness of the cruelty the captive animals are forced to endure.

Although Ringling announced earlier this year that they’re phasing out the elephants from their circus acts, we still protest to ensure they follow through with this decision. Also, the main goal of holding a demo is to inform the public about all animal suffering that occurs for the sake of human entertainment. We had some great press at this protest, which you can read about in this article from the Gazette newspaper where I’m quoted, as well as this article from Fox News where my good friend Tinya is quoted.

Hosting a Potluck Fundraiser for Vegan Outreach

I joined Vegan Outreach in their fundraising efforts during their Team Vegan campaign, and one of my fundraising ideas was to host a vegan potluck with one of the local vegan groups. We had a great turnout and I got to taste a lot of delicious food. Tofurky sponsored the potluck, so we served their vegan sausages, kielbasa, and beer brats – I liked all of the Tofurky products but the beer brats were my favorite! We wound up raising $135 for Vegan Outreach at this event, so all in all it was a great success!

Running the Garden of the Gods 10 Mile Race as a Fundraiser for Vegan Outreach

To reach my $1,000 fundraising goal for Team Vegan, I decided to make my Garden of the Gods 10 Mile Race about raising money for Vegan Outreach. Many of my friends and family stepped up to the challenge and supported this amazing cause, helping me surpass my goal by a landslide! This was THE hardest race I’ve ever done, but it was well worth it to help out VO in their efforts to reduce animal suffering.

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Recording an Intro to the Our Hen House Podcast

As many of you know, fundraising is my passion and has been my life-long career, so what better way to use my skills than to help out this amazing organization increase their monthly donors? Our Hen House’s podcasts and online articles have helped me so much in my journey as an activist – take a listen to the episode so you can hear my intro and see what their work is all about.

Leafleting at the Bancroft Farmer’s Market

My friend Sue is a true warrior for the animals. She tirelessly advocates to end cruelty toward animals, and she puts in countless volunteer hours for organizations like Animals Asia and Soi Dog Foundation. The Yulin Festival in China was coming up and Sue wanted to create awareness about the horrors of the mass amount of dogs being killed to eat for this event. I joined Sue and passed out literature to farmer’s market patrons that describes the cruelty that happens to all animals that are killed for meat. Thanks to activists like Sue, less dogs were killed this year at the festival than in previous years.

Tabling at VegFest for Mercy for Animals

My husband, Kevin, and I tabled for Mercy For Animals during the two-day Colorado VegFest. We passed out vegetarian starter guides, leaflets on factory farming, and magazines that showcase the awesome work that MFA does every day. We also collected email addresses and donations for MFA. It was a fabulous event and we got to meet some really nice people! Not to mention the food was amazing!

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Coming soon…

The next event for me will be in a couple of weeks volunteering for the Vegan Society at Pride Fest. In light of the Supreme Court’s monumental ruling last weekend, I’m extremely excited to be a part of this event!

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