Finding Hope for Animals in a Non-Vegan Workplace


I’m super excited to have an article published on the Vegan Outreach blog this week! In this post, I talk about my experiences of being vegan in a non-vegan work environment over the past 2 1/2 years. I hope you take a glance at my blog post so you can read about how I find hope for animals at my workplace. Here’s a snippet of my blog entry, and to read the full article you can click on the link below.

“A vegan and a CrossFitter walk into a bar. I only know because they told everyone within two minutes.”

I’ve heard variations of that joke multiple times from colleagues at my job. Since becoming vegan 2 ½ years ago, in my non-vegan work environments I’ve been known as the vegan, our vegan, and, the one that gets me every time, the vay-gun. I feel like I’ve heard every joke, question, and comment. I was recently told in jest by an older gentleman that works in my office suite that the only way he can make sense of me liking tofu is that I’ve been brainwashed. I’ve lost count of the amount of times colleagues have asked me if I’ve visited the local zoo, and when I responded one time by saying I’m not a fan of zoos, the person looked at me baffled and asked if I don’t go because I don’t like animals.

If you see blood trickling from my tongue it’s because I’m biting it so hard to stop myself from saying something rash. I wind up smiling and not saying anything to people that make these types of remarks because I’m looking at my reflection in the mirror from 2 ½ years ago. I used to be a patron of both the zoo and aquarium, and before eating a vegetarian diet I used to eat chicken at most every meal. How can I pass judgment on my coworkers who do the same things I used to do just a few years ago? 

Read more here…

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