“Easy Vegan” Radio Show with JL from JL Goes Vegan

Me and JL in Colorado Springs

Me and JL in Colorado Springs

My friend JL has started a radio show called Easy Vegan here in Colorado Springs and she’ll be talking about – you guessed it – all things vegan!

“I’ll be doing traditional interviews, as well as packing the studio with local guests on a variety of topics, for Easy Vegan.”

– JL Fields from JL Goes Vegan

JL’s September 7 show will be dedicated to answering common questions from new vegans, and she has asked me to join her in the studio to help with the show!

We’d love to know any and all questions you may have and we’ll tackle the answers on air. We’ll be recording the episode in advance because the show will fall on a holiday weekend, so be sure to let us know your questions ahead of time. Here’s some vegan food for thought for you:

  • What were your biggest obstacles when you went vegan?
  • What kept you (or is keeping you) from going vegan?
  • What questions are you constantly asked about being vegan that you’d like a little help in answering?

Let us know what questions you have in the comments below and we’ll answer them during the September 7 episode of Easy Vegan!

In the meantime, be sure to check out JL’s shows online: http://jlgoesvegan.com/about/easy-vegan-radio-show/. She’s already had Victoria Moran on her show and it was fabulous! I’m excited to tune in and hear her shows each week, and I’m absolutely thrilled to be her co-host for a day next month!!

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