Throwback Thursday: Wet ‘n Wild Makeup

IMG_2851When I first heard about Wet ‘n Wild makeup being cruelty-free, I had a flashback of my 13-year-old self sitting with my girlfriends at a sleepover putting crazy colors from the Wet ‘n Wild collection on our faces. I couldn’t believe that an adult woman was telling me she used Wet ‘n Wild makeup and that the entire line was dedicated to not harming animals.

I immediately had to investigate. I visited the company’s website which has a store locator option and went to the closest drugstore that was selling the product. I got mascara and eye shadow to test it out. I absolutely loved it. I’ve gotten so many compliments on the shadow, too. People have stopped me and asked what make-up I wear and they have the same exasperated expression I did when I told them it’s Wet ‘n Wild.

Since that initial visit, I went back to Walgreens to stock up on some more makeup for my friend’s wedding. I went in to get eye shadow and mascara. I walked out with much, much more. I bought everything pictured above for under $20!

When I told my friends at the wedding that I did my own makeup and that I didn’t get it professionally done, they were in shock. Their jaws dropped even further when I told them it was Wet ‘n Wild. Here’s a photo of me and my hubby on the day of the wedding.


I wrote this blog post about my very first cruelty-free makeover back in 2013 when I initially went vegan and was switching out my makeup products. Everything still rings true except for the fact that now I know of a cruelty-free makeup line who doesn’t charge an arm and a leg that you can conveniently get at a drugstore. Not to mention, Walgreens has a Beauty Enthusiast Club, which means if you spend $50 on make-up, you get a $5 reward. I love me some discounts and rebates!

So, the next time you’re searching for makeup, check out Wet ‘n Wild. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

P.S. Wet ‘n Wild did NOT pay me to write this blog post to endorse their product. I simply love it and wanted to share my opinion with you all.

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