Celebrating my 5-Year Veganversary


Photo Source: Two Trick Pony

As I sit here on my second day in a row at home due to snow in Atlanta, I’ve been reflecting on my upcoming 5-year vegan anniversary, or veganversary. I’m not sure of the exact date of when I became vegan but I do remember it happening at the end of January in 2013.

My husband and I had just gotten home from visiting my grandfather and his wife in Vermont and after witnessing their “clean” eating and reading an article by Scott Jurek, I decided to take the plunge.

For those of you who have been following my blog since the very beginning, you know that this blog used to be called The Vegan Wannabe. When I started the blog, I knew I would never go back to eating meat again with three years of being vegetarian under my belt. But I wasn’t quite sure if I wanted to fully be vegan. I’ve recently read through some of my earlier posts and it was very exploratory. I was dipping my toe into the vegan world and testing the waters on if I could fully commit.

I say all of this because if you’re reading this blog and are interested in going vegan or just want to include more plant-based food into your diet, I completely understand and was in your shoes five years ago.

Celebrating my five-year veganversary isn’t about congratulating myself or being self-righteous. It’s more about celebrating that I’m living my most authentic self by not harming animals anymore. I love being vegan – the delicious food, the incredible community, and the compassionate lifestyle are all perks that I enjoy tremendously.

To help me celebrate my five-year veganversary, I’d love for you to consider being a part of Veganuary. Veganuary is a campaign that promotes people to try the vegan diet during the month of January and possibly for the rest of the year. Seeing as January is almost over, consider trying it out during the month of February. If you need some encouragement, go to the main page of my blog and under “Archived Posts” choose January 2013. You’ll see that I didn’t become vegan overnight and I was not – and still am not – perfect. Being vegan is a journey where you’re doing the best that you can for the animals.

I’d love to hear about your Veganuary progress, so please write in the comments below or email me.


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