For My Health, the Environment and the Animals

People often ask why I’m vegan, and I usually sum it up with a three part answer: I’m vegan for my health, the environment and the animals. I’ve found this is a common answer among many vegans because it’s a very succinct way in answering such a complex question.

We had a new member at our vegan book club this past month and she shared this wonderful video with me that encapsulates my three-prong answer. I love how there are no graphic images yet it still conveys a powerful message. Although I feel like the undercover videos are extremely important for animal rights, I think it’s also good to have videos like this one that can be shown to a wide audience.

I want to hear from you: if you’re vegan, how do you answer this question, “Why are you vegan?”

4 thoughts on “For My Health, the Environment and the Animals

  1. This is a powerful, succinct and informative video. It explains the nuts and bolts of why someone would go vegan. I think the only thing it lacks is the true passion behind it though. It is perhaps a bit too passive from an emotional point of view though it would be effective for persuading an analytical audience. The film I saw earlier this year – A Peaceable Kingdom – was what turned me to adopting a vegan lifestyle as it showed the conversion of farmers from being former killers to compassionate animal-lovers who recognised the value of all life. It was very touching and deeply affecting. I think a combination of these two approaches is most affective.


    • I agree with you. It is a nice video to show a certain kind of audience (i.e., ones who refuse to watch the undercover investigative work being done). I had someone tell me about A Peaceable Kingdom this weekend and that she recommends it to everyone. I’ll have to check it out. Thanks! And thanks for reading!


  2. There’s also the human welfare side of animal and environmental non-vegan industries such as the long term effects of people in poor countries in leather colour dying. I don’t agree with what they’re doing but they’re still being used.

    I agree that veganism encapsulates ethics in a multi-faceted way and for those of us who went vegan for ethical/spiritual reasons it’s easier to answer this way 🙂


    • You are absolutely right! Many people forget about the human rights aspect of being vegan. Thank you for pointing that out. It’s such a hard question to answer to non-vegans, so that’s why I think this video does a nice job laying out the basics. Thanks so much for your comment and for reading my blog!


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